Jungle Book – Bare Necessity Fruit Salad, Pawpaw BBQ Sauce and ants

(Credit: Disney)

Baloo is one of the greatest Disney characters in my opinion. He’s just so chill. And boy, he knows how to eat. Almost all of the food mentioned in the movie comes from one song, Bare Necessities. There isn’t really a recipe, just lots of different fruits. So I did some fun things with them.


Snow White – Fish Stew and Gooseberry Pie

Quick links: Fish Stew Recipe | Gooseberry Pie Recipe | Verdict [twitter-follow screen_name=’DisneyMeals’] There is a full recipe given in this movie, but since I’m not in the market for eating a poisoned apple, I decided to opt for the other foods featured in the movie. MMM….SOUP! The first food shown in the movie was right after the dwarves…
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