Emperor’s New Groove [Week 2] – Chicha, Pillbug, Inca Stew, Aguadito, Strawberry Birthday Cake, Champurrado

Quick links: Chicha | Pillbug | Inca Stew | Aguadito | Strawberry Birthday Cake | Champurrado | Verdict   Boom baby! I know you couldn’t handle just having just one week of Emperor’s New Groove, so here’s another! We made some amazing food for the second half of Emperor’s New Groove, including the giant pillbug that Kusco and Pacha ate (not really, but we have a…
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Pinocchio – Lemon Roasted Fish, Yellow Cake, Roasted Chicken, Homemade Bread, and Strawberry Pie

Quick links: Figaro’s Fish | Princess Cleo’s Cake | Geppetto’s Chicken | Stromboli’s French Bread | Pleasure Island Pie | Verdict [twitter-follow screen_name=’DisneyMeals’] One of the saddest parts of Pinocchio is that Geppetto made a huge mouthwatering feast that no one got to eat! The Fish Figaro Failed to Eat So as it goes, Pinocchio gets turned into a living puppet that’s…
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