The Wonderful World of Dining

I love all things Disney. I grew up on the animated films and I can sing every word of every song from every movie. My ideal vacation is not Greenland or Queensland, but Disneyland. Disney makes me feel happy, youthful, warm and….hungry. There are always wonderful foods featured in Disney movies, whether it be the spaghetti from Lady and the Tramp, the grey stuff from Beauty and the Beast or the ratatouille from Ratatouille. I have always wondered¬†they all tasted like. So I came up with the idea to do just that.

I am not a professional chef by any means, but I love cooking and creating my own recipes. So I have set out on this endeavor, supported by my beautiful wife, to once a week, watch a Disney animated film and cook every food featured in it. We’re going to start with Snow White and watch in chronological order until we are done. Our master list comes from Wikipedia, with some slight edits. We will only do the movies made by Walt Disney Animation studios and Pixar Animation studios (with the possible exceptions of a Halloween and Christmas special and also the exception of the Goofy Movie, which was made by DisneyToon studios, but I love that movie).¬† See below for the list. We are both very excited about this project and wanted to share it with everyone. So follow us as we explore and create the lovely Disney meals.

P.S. – Feel free to comment with suggestions/critiques/praises for anything posted. We are always looking for ways to improve our recipes.

Master List (Films will be added upon release)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 21-Dec-37 Walt Disney
Pinocchio 7-Feb-40 Walt Disney
Fantasia 13-Nov-40 Walt Disney
Dumbo 23-Oct-41 Walt Disney
Bambi 13-Aug-42 Walt Disney
Saludos Amigos 24-Aug-42 Walt Disney
The Three Caballeros 21-Dec-44 Walt Disney
Make Mine Music 20-Apr-46 Walt Disney
Fun and Fancy Free 27-Sep-47 Walt Disney
Melody Time 27-May-48 Walt Disney
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad 5-Oct-49 Walt Disney
Cinderella 15-Feb-50 Walt Disney
Alice in Wonderland 28-Jul-51 Walt Disney
Peter Pan 5-Feb-53 Walt Disney
Lady and the Tramp 22-Jun-55 Walt Disney
Sleeping Beauty 29-Jan-59 Walt Disney
One Hundred and One Dalmatians 25-Jan-61 Walt Disney
The Sword in the Stone 25-Dec-63 Walt Disney
The Jungle Book 18-Oct-67 Walt Disney
The Aristocats 24-Dec-70 Walt Disney
Robin Hood 8-Nov-73 Walt Disney
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 11-Mar-77 Walt Disney
The Rescuers 22-Jun-77 Walt Disney
The Fox and the Hound 10-Jul-81 Walt Disney
The Black Cauldron 24-Jul-85 Walt Disney
The Great Mouse Detective 2-Jul-86 Walt Disney
Oliver & Company 18-Nov-88 Walt Disney
The Little Mermaid 17-Nov-89 Walt Disney
The Rescuers Down Under 16-Nov-90 Walt Disney
Beauty and the Beast 22-Nov-91 Walt Disney
Aladdin 25-Nov-92 Walt Disney
The Lion King 24-Jun-94 Walt Disney
A Goofy Movie 7-Apr-95 DisneyToon Studios
Pocahontas 23-Jun-95 Walt Disney
Toy Story 22-Nov-95 Pixar Animation Studios
The Hunchback of Notre Dame 21-Jun-96 Walt Disney
Hercules 27-Jun-97 Walt Disney
Mulan 19-Jun-98 Walt Disney
A Bug’s Life 25-Nov-98 Pixar Animation Studios
Tarzan 18-Jun-99 Walt Disney
Toy Story 2 24-Nov-99 Pixar Animation Studios
Fantasia 2000 17-Dec-99 Walt Disney
Dinosaur 19-May-00 Walt Disney
The Emperor’s New Groove 15-Dec-00 Walt Disney
Atlantis: The Lost Empire 15-Jun-01 Walt Disney
Monsters, Inc. 2-Nov-01 Pixar Animation Studios
Lilo & Stitch 21-Jun-02 Walt Disney
Treasure Planet 27-Nov-02 Walt Disney
Finding Nemo 30-May-03 Pixar Animation Studios
Brother Bear 1-Nov-03 Walt Disney
Home on the Range 2-Apr-04 Walt Disney
The Incredibles 5-Nov-04 Pixar Animation Studios
Chicken Little 4-Nov-05 Walt Disney
Cars 9-Jun-06 Pixar Animation Studios
Meet the Robinsons 30-Mar-07 Walt Disney
Ratatouille 29-Jun-07 Pixar Animation Studios
WALL-E 27-Jun-08 Pixar Animation Studios
Bolt 28-Nov-08 Walt Disney
Up 29-May-09 Pixar Animation Studios
The Princess and the Frog 11-Dec-09 Walt Disney
Toy Story 3 18-Jun-10 Pixar Animation Studios
Tangled 24-Nov-10 Walt Disney
Cars 2 24-Jun-11 Pixar Animation Studios
Winnie the Pooh 15-Jul-11 Walt Disney
Brave 22-Jun-12 Pixar Animation Studios
Wreck-It Ralph 2-Nov-12 Walt Disney
Monsters University 21-Jun-13 Pixar Animation Studios
Frozen 27-Nov-13 Walt Disney
Big Hero 6 7-Nov-14 Walt Disney