Emperor’s New Groove [Week 2] – Chicha, Pillbug, Inca Stew, Aguadito, Strawberry Birthday Cake, Champurrado

Quick links: Chicha | Pillbug | Inca Stew | Aguadito | Strawberry Birthday Cake | Champurrado | Verdict   Boom baby! I know you couldn’t handle just having just one week of Emperor’s New Groove, so here’s another! We made some amazing food for the second half of Emperor’s New Groove, including the giant pillbug that Kusco and Pacha ate (not really, but we have a…
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Emperor’s New Groove [Week 1] – Spinach Puffs, Colada Morada, Inca Biscuits, White Cake, Mesoamerican Turkey

I think Emperor’s New Groove is one of the funniest, if not THE funniest Disney movies ever made. And of course, it has Kronk’s Spinach Puffs (which will be a video later). There is TONS of food shown, so you all get the pleasure of getting 2 Emperor’s New Groove posts!


Make Mine Music/Fun and Fancy Free – Chocolate Pot-roast & Pistachio Gravy, Old Fashion Chicken, Coconut Cake, White Cake, Chocolate Cake, Plum Pudding, Raspberry Lemonade, Candied Beets, Ice Cream Boat, Fish Sandwich, Avocado Spread and Dumplings

Quick links: ‘Murican Ice Cream | Stacked Fish Sandwich & Avocado Spread | Luana’s White Cake | A Cricket’s Chocolate Delight Cake | Slim Bean Sandwich | Willie’s Medieval Chicken | Coconut cake | Raspberry Lemonade | Fe-fi-fo-plum Pudding | Candied Beets | Donald Duck Dumplings | MMM, Chocolate Pot-roast | Smishmashio Green(ish) Gravy |  Verdict [twitter-follow screen_name=’DisneyMeals’] “Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum I smell the blood of an anthropomorphic rodent!” – Willie the Giant (paraphrasing…kinda)….
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Bambi – Red Currant, Acorns, Grapes, Red Clover, Bark, Grass, Thumper Salad

Quick links: Red Currant | Acorns | Grapes | Red Clover | Bark | Grass | Thumper Salad | Verdict [twitter-follow screen_name=’DisneyMeals’] This week, we’re featuring venison! Say goodbye to Bambi’s mom! Ok,not really. The food featured in Bambi isn’t the tastiest, probably because it’s not really meant for human consumption. However, most of the animal food featured in Bambi…
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Dumbo – Roasted Peanuts

I seem to always block out how sad Dumbo really is. I could say it was cutting up onions while watching Mrs. Jumbo cradled little Dumbo in her trunk, but there weren’t any onions featured in this heartbreaking movie. Only peanuts and the reoccurring early Disney theme of getting kids drunk.