Sword in the Stone – Shortbread Cookies, Turkey Leg, Water Strider, Roast Pig, Honey Cake

I think Sword in the Stone is one of the least plot driven movies in the Disney Universe. Arthur (Wart) basically has fun with Merlin until he randomly pulls out the sword and is king. End movie. It’s a fun movie though…although, it doesn’t have much food.


Bambi – Red Currant, Acorns, Grapes, Red Clover, Bark, Grass, Thumper Salad

Quick links: Red Currant | Acorns | Grapes | Red Clover | Bark | Grass | Thumper Salad | Verdict [twitter-follow screen_name=’DisneyMeals’] This week, we’re featuring venison! Say goodbye to Bambi’s mom! Ok,not really. The food featured in Bambi isn’t the tastiest, probably because it’s not really meant for human consumption. However, most of the animal food featured in Bambi…
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